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Mexican Collectibles

Magnificent Obsessions

Wonderfully Handpainted Old Mexican Plate 15" diameter to get the full effect click on the image to the left or this text to see a larger version.

Price $600


Talavera Pottery: One of a kind handpainted, glazed & fired, Spanish traditional pottery. Plates, Bowls, Dishes, Candle Holders, Teapots, Votive Cups, Picture Frames, Pitchers, Chicken Turines, Ginger type Jars & Others. Motifs: Sunflower, White Lilly, Traditional Spanish Tile, Fruit.



50's Sleepy Mexican Brownware S & P -----------------$15.00

Hand carved Primitive Mexican Shelf--------------------------$27.50

Various Old Pottery Cooking dishes 40's (deep stamped)----$10-$145.00

<-------- Click this image to view a Larger version

Vintage Serapes & Saltillos- 1930's thru 1960's

All Wool, Wool and Linen, Wool and Cotton,

All Cotton, and Silk Wool blends

Small to Large $12-$85.00


Sombrero Ashtrays (wood, copper, pottery)---------------$10-$20.00

Guerrera Indian Angel Ceremonial Mask (others available)-------$38-$75.00


Coconut Masks:

Various Hand Carved & Painted Oaxacan Masks

Take a Closer look Click Here---->


Vintage Sombreros: 1) Circa 1930's Oldest, very primitive, $55

2) Circa 1940's Super Finely Woven Straw $89

3) Circa 1940's, Fiesta, Nuetral Beige, hard tiny woven straw $80



Oaxacan Animals (all varieties) All Signed-------------$10-$150.00

Burro $30.00 Coyote $28.00



One of a Kind, Exta Fine detailed, Hand Painted Traditional, Oaxaca Mexican Folk Art Wares (Fired, Painted, & Glazed Pottery)Great for Folk Art collectors & Decor.

Available Pieces: Fish plates, Round, Fancy Oblong, Plates. All Pieces available in small or large sizes Prices: ----------------$12- $30 Colors: Black & White, Other solid backgrounds & Black, Multi-color

Traditional Tin Folk Art -------Tin Candle Holder (colored Punched Sleepy Mex under Saguaro)-----$12.00

Ornaments, Candle Holders, Mirrors, Wall Hangings, Your Choice of colors, ranging from Bronze, Gold, Silver, or Multi- Colored

Beautiful Bronze & Gold Mirror -------$45

<------Click Here to view larger version

Embroidery (hand towels, table cloths, scarves)---------$10-$55.00


Many More Items available with Mexican Motif Both Vintage and New Handmade

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